Ysgol Nant y Groes

Ysgol Nant y Groes

United Nations Rights of the Child

These are the following rights that our school is becoming familiar with:

Article 12: Your right to say what you think should happen
and be listened to.

Article 13: Your right to have information.

Article 19: You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe.

Article 28: Your right to learn and to go to school.

Article 29: Your right to become the best that you can be.

Article 31: Your right to relax and play.

Our Vision and Values

Our school culture, ethos and community are built on our vision and values. It is what shapes our school's future. With this at the heart of our future plans, we are working towards reviewing our vision and values.

School staff, pupils, Governors and Parents/Carers have been invited to take part in a short survey as the opinion of all stakeholders is very important to us. Your views will help shape our vision and values for the years to come.